The following is a comprehensive list of comics I've worked on, as well as links where you may read/purchase them. Comics are listed in reverse-chronological order.

Bob & Weave (Summer 2018)

Bob and Weave are the best detectives the Gumpta Islands have to offer. Too bad they're deductive prowess is second only to their dysfunctional relationship. Following a case gone wrong, the semi-defunct agency tries to get through their day-to-day separately. If only they would stop running into each other...

Bob & Weave is a collaboration between writer Gabriel Peralta and artist Tristan Yuvienco. The first issue of the comic will premiere in Shards Volume 2--an anthology of adventure stories as released by In Hiatus Studios

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The Sandwich of Limbo (March 2018)

The Sandwich of Limbo is a short story based on the very true tale passed down by my dad, and is included as part of the horror comic anthology Built on Strange Ground.

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The Unemployment Diaries (March 2016)

Dear Diary: Being an adult sucks.
Actually, should I even refer to it as adult life if I'm still living with my parents with no signs of getting a good job any time soon?

The Unemployment Diaries tells the daily life of an unnamed college graduate, trying to figure out what to do next in life. The series was independently released in March 2016.

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scramble Bouquet (August 2010 - current)

Griping about the redundant-ness of Blu-Ray combo packs, expertly navigating self-depricating bilingual conversations with your parents, crafting the perfect artisinal sandwich... it's all a day in the life of Basil, his forever-unemployed sister Prim, and the weirdos that inhabit their boring, boring lives. scramble Bouquet has been released every Wednesday since August 2010, though you probably shouldn't start from that far back.

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